My name is Treesje. I was born on the right bank of the river Scheldt. I am 29, afraid of turning 30, and even more afraid of not turning 30. I hate soccer, cava, and boring people. When I’m home alone, I dance around the living room. I am married to a Sven and mother to a Jade. My husband wants a second child. I always have a window open, even when it’s freezing. I want to feel a breeze.

At the bottom of my closet, there’s a travel bag containing clothes for a couple of days and a wallet with 253 euros. In a side pocket, you’ll find an MP3 player with my favorite music, a hairbrush, and a pack of tampons. That bag has been there for three years.

Sometimes I think I just expect too much from life. When I open the mailbox, I secretly hope to find that one letter that will change my entire life. It is a letter that will probably never come. Yet I keep expecting it. 

We don’t have a television anymore. It took me a long time to convince my husband that this device only consumes valuable time and energy. We replaced it with a small table, with a fruit bowl on top.

Lately, my husband has been watching TV on his tablet. I never eat fruit.

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