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Influencers without influence are looking for
the hippest hashtags for their Tiktok videos
dancing alongside the beat of the algorithm.

Incompetent experts by experience
whose unfinished projects grow too fast like children
give TED talks about the power of failure

with a voice like the melody
of a lonely pinball machine.

Self-proclaimed gurus who tell you
how to breathe, take selfies
with carefully chosen Instagram filters
in which they greet the rising sun
as if it were waiting for them.

Internet Buddhists and Facebook philosophers
share allegedly inspirational quotes
from the Dalai Lama and Steve Jobs

about the path being the goal, how every journey
begins with a single step, and how you get people  
to pay more than one thousand dollars for a phone.

We are comment addicts, craving likes
needles in an SEO haystack
comet impacts in the desert.

(c) Leen Raats


My name is Treesje. I was born on the right bank of the river Scheldt. I am 29, afraid of turning 30 and even more afraid of not turning 30. I hate soccer, cava and boring people. When I’m home alone, I dance around the living room. I am married to a Sven and mother to a Jade. My husband wants a second child. I always have a window open, even when it’s freezing. I want to feel a breeze.

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(c) Leen Raats

I’ve only recently started to translate my work into English. These are my publications so far:

  • The Solitary Man (short story) – 34 Orchard – November 2023
  • Memory of an Attic Room (poem) – ONE ART – November 2023

The headbanging writer

Leen Raats (born in 1984) is a poet, writer, and freelance copywriter living in Belgium. She’s obsessed with rock music, finding inspiration in even the heaviest of riffs and the loudest of screams.

She has won several writing competitions in Belgium and the Netherlands, and published several books, but so far only in Dutch.

Ever since the day (it must have been somewhere in the early 90’s) she first put a poem on a piece of paper, her life has a clear purpose: making this world just a little more beautiful through writing.

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